The Use of ICT in Schools

During discussions with a parent from my son’s school who is a Prep teacher, she brought it to my attention the lack of resources and knowledge she had to implement ICT into her classroom. My friend had been on maternity leave from teaching for a number of years, and she said that she found on returning to teaching alot of things had changed, the curriculum and also the level of ICT available to assist with the teaching was minimal. She had spoken to her teaching partner about how she could increase her knowledge and asked how her teaching partner integrated ICTs into her teaching, her teaching partners reply was that she ‘uses’ it all the time to show the students ‘stuff’ on the interactive whiteboard and that the students use the iPad during free play. My friend questioned whether this use of ICT was beneficial and whether it actually integrated ICT into the program or it was just the students using ICT.

I then discussed with her the concept that was taught in week six of the ICT and Pedagogy unit, about the difference between ‘using’ technology and ‘integrating’ technology. I recommend she look at the Aditi Rao resource from the Teachbytes website that was provided to help her ascertain whether the ICT being implemented is being used adequately or whether it is being integrated with benefit.

A short time after suggesting the resource to my teaching friend she emailed me and thanked me for sharing the resource with her, she said that she found it very helpful and that she had used it to help her plan a unit of work that she was working on. She stated that it helped her to research for resources and try new ways of implementing ICT with pupose.

After speaking about the use of ICT in the classroom and what it looked like from the perspective of a Teacher that was actively working in the classroom it made me think about ICT and the correct use of ICT and how I as a pre- service teacher would be able to implement ICT use into my classroom successfully. This made me consider my implementation of ICT into my assignment and I used this resource to check over the use  of ICT in my unit plan and decipher whether it really needed to be there was it truly transforming the learning?



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